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Paige's Page for Partners

Gather ideas and brainstorm with other members, recruit players, make partner requests, or just check for interest in an idea you have. A great place to browse to see what is taking place or build new settings and worlds from scratch.

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Paige's Page for Partners

Post by Pagan_Paige » Sun Mar 31, 2019 4:53 am

Hello! :squee: I'm Paige and I'm looking for some RP partners. I usually do 1x1, but I'm open to joining a group RP :)
My Preferences:
- I play female, You play male OR We both play a female and a male
- Writing at least 2 decent paragraphs [4-8 sentences]
- Anime or Realistic Pictures, no drawings or self
- Posts at least twice a week
- Characters must be 18+
- You must be 18+ (I am 24)
- Writing in third person, Past/present tense doesn't matter to me (I often mix them up myself so I can't really be a stickler lol)
- Willing to put ideas into the plot

Fantasy, Magic, Dungeons and Dragons style, Supernatural races/powers, Steampunk, Medieval, royalty, pirates, assassins, heterosexual romance, action, Vampires, Werewolves, Fae, High school/college, tv fandoms (other than anime)

Not Interested:
Smut (mostly roleplaying sexual scenes), futuristic/high tech (aliens, star wars/trek), anime (love it, but not interested in RPing anime fandoms), superheroes, Homosexual romance (unless the plot intrigues me enough for this)
Plots I for sure want:

Zombie Apocalypse- Walking Dead style. Plot up for debate.

Viking Age- We will be playing Warriors, possibly Berserkers, or leaders of the army. Similar to Vikings, one of us will want more power.

D&D- Without the tabletop gameplay, making a dungeons and dragons character without all the stats and dice. Then going out on an adventure. Plot open for debate. Doing missions for gold and gear, fighting creatures and trying to get a name for ourselves, or something like that.
This thread is open for changes.
PM me if you're interested.
PM me if you have a group RP that you'd like to have me join

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