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Post by Dazargeros » Sat Dec 15, 2018 8:27 am

Wherever you come from, whether it be from Jael, across the blue seas, another unknown world or realm, you're to happen upon the silverine, pristine, godly kingdom of Nedjaria, a stoked, famed in legend realm dwelling within the plains of Ethrannel, described by scholars as the sanctity of holy magick and worship. This great place, as you may, or may not know yet, was created after the first exodus, when the first Maxinan races broke free of their indentured servitude to the Elves, this kingdom, although being far off from the rest of the conflict of the continent, has been under massive fire from the four warring factions, clenched fists of spiteful rulers o' from all demanding and seeking their allegiance to benefit their cause, but Nedjaria, as all kingdom's, despite the politics of the entire realm, bear it's own plight and war, and one that has dragged on for far too long (Since the Tiations fled past them to the fae realm of Falarus) and has hampered them greatly to even bother to care of others' conflicts... The Nedjarin people have suffered and raged against the armies of Ethrannel, an Ogre-lord that has remained dominant over the region since his people had fled from the isles of Durnam. To say... This quarrel of people was and has been a war... Is a compliment... Nedjaria has never won a single battle against Ethrannel, no, not since their only allies, the Dwarves and Tiations fled, every township in which his (Ethrannel's) forces have pressed against have been completely slaughtered by his Barbarians, the Dreeman territory of the Dwarves, abolished and torched after their campaign, and the first Tiation underground kingdom of Asalajae, decimated, an entire population dwindled to less than 3/4's of before.

This massacre has led as far now to the inner, closer townships of the kingdom, perhaps only now does his (The Overlord's) dreaded army stand within a two week stretch-hold and march to them.

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(Any lore that you want indepthly explained? Just PM me about it on Discord or here, Rpgcollective!)

So, I'm a returning member to RPGcollective, but during my absence I've written and if not done even the littlest, and shabbiest amount of RP and I'd like ta' see if anyones interested in a new story, one pertaining in the world of magic of course with a sortof 1100-1400's vibe.

The theme for this story would mostly be a sort of bitter-sweet (Meaning of course that the story can go from an absolutely happy and frollick-y fae forest, to a gritty dark dungeon), I don't mind romance, and I don't mind gore and torture-y scenes as long as it doesn't interfere severely with the integrity and core of the story which will all be based around the world I've built.

"The world I've built." With this said, some ideas are locked out of the question, some fantasy races don't exist... And the same said for creatures. Feel free to PM me though, I might accept your ideas and or strange cosmic-crazy race you might want to be.

The story/tale: The entirety of this RP will go from the start and finish of the realm of Maxina and activating/accessing the two godly pillars and seven sanctities located on the vast continent, whilst we journey, we will encounter many foes, and very few friends, beginning within Nedjaria, a kingdom on the North-east coast of the realm, located over the sea.

(Race appearances and references will be posted up soon and more detailed descriptions will be added as I edit this post and document.
(Backstories; feel free to write it up and then I’ll see how we can fit it into the world)

Disparity and beholden trait definition: Because I've been asked for this a couple times, I'll simply put it here, disparity trait is basically a racial flaw that you will have no matter what, the same said for beholden, but of course, beholden meaning in the most common term: Good. Think of it as a sort of DND aspect, for playing a certain race you get bonuses.

(All character types are accepted, villains, heroes, neutrals)

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(This post will be heavily under construction for the next couple of days, going to be trying my hardest to get this rolling as quickly as possible, hopefully it doesn’t even take that long! If you're interested in joining, juss' leave a comment and or PM me!)

Here's a rundown list of the races always available, with little summaries of their lore and the world you'd be hauled into if you were to choose to be them.
(Note, I don't want to explain too much of the world yet, so hopefully these little names get lodged into your head :D)

Humans -
Human’s within the realm of Maxina behold two major capitals, one in the south named Zaromaxina, the blood of the earth, beheld and signatured by the raven, and in the north Tyrisius, signatured by the lion and gryphon. Both of these kingdoms are extremely detrimental for their hatred and war against each other, their plight and fight beginning when the two ruling parties within Arelaine, the first human kingdom began to spiral uncontrollably, leading to the separated people of both. Zaromaxina, or the people of Gior left when the king of Arelaine had laid his hammer true in the days of long past to decree the outlaw of the worshipping of the god: Cymiro, a deity worshipped since the creation of man.

Disparity trait: A fairly young race within Jaelia, mystified beginnings and unknown lore beseech their tapestries and history

Beholden Trait: Humans are neutral throughout all of Jaelia, only hated by a single race: Elves

Known human kingdoms: Tyrisius, Zaromaxina and Nedjaria

Tiation’s -
A halfling race, in stature and structure, Tiations are an old race, they dwell within the kingdom of Falarus, a taken dragon’s den nestled atop the grandest peak within all of Jaelia, the grand cave taken after their exodus from the plains of Ethrannel because of the sought extinction of them by the Overlord Ogre of the plain-realm named...Ethrannel, himself. Tiations were wrought of the absolute dung and disparity of god, befit to never behold magic and the Arcane after their killing of one of the first gods, lest they were to become mixed with others’ blood. This spiteful race of half-men with their history of such poultry, have been subject to prejudice all throughout, their only common, close ally, the Elves. Tiations though, I must elaborate, are some of the most keen and curious creatures, if not the most intelligent, their studies of the up-most important when it comes to technology and the fields of science, even their delves into the fields of magick inciting strange questions, especially of the realms of the fae, Flora and Caece.

Detailed Physical description for Tiations:
Physical features such as long-elvish eyebrows, sharp faces, exotic eye colours and wild hair are normal with the race of Tiations, but the massive things to derive them to be blatantly mistaken for an Elf, is of course their height and nonetheless their more human/Dwarvish features of growing long beards. Tiation males usually have more stoic looks, mostly defined with old-elderly looks, as if they’ve wisdom from places long past, truth is, this appearance is actually just their natural look/fashion, Neusel, as in the picture is only at the age, as we humans would consider, 28. Tiation males tend to have more asian and or aryan features, long noses or short noses, defined cheekbones, dull/large chins and or sharp/more refined jaws. Tiation males stand at the height of 4’4-4’7 usually.. For that is their average height. Also, the usual/natural colour for Tiations’ hair is brown and black. It is a rarity for Tiations to be born with blonde, red, orange, white and a sortof deep amethysian colour, although it is possible. (These traits are recessive) Tiation males tend to have either weak, strong/burly or simply fit, almost human-like physical physique, of course, just scaled to size...

Once again with even the females, it’s a natural trait for Tiations to have long eyebrows that dangle just beneath their eyelids, although women, depending on their sense of style, either shave the extra, or their brows are simply covered by their long-wild hair. If royalty and or if a woman stands as a very large figure within a Tiation ruled capital or state, they tend to display their brow, to differ themselves and display dominance over their controlled position of authority. As with their male counterparts, Tiation women tend to have more asian and or Aryan/white looks, Females tend to have more stubby and or snub looking noses, and their eyes can differ in size but they usually have a propensity to remain large to look out for enemies, same with the opposite of their gender. The average height for women is 4’2-4’4, and their bodily physique is either a more petite or fit look. Though of course, it may vary from anything... Though -VERY- rare.

Disparity Trait: Tiros’ crusades; Hated by the majority of both Twylen’s and Gelran’s
Cannot be Mages, Sorcerers, Necromancer’s, or Warlocks (This trait is null if you are of royal blood, PM me about this)
Hated by the majority of Ogres and have estranged tensions with Orcs after their flee from the plains of Ethrannel

Beholden trait: Ones of Sonam’s grace; able to bend the winds of Ethrannel and imbue their own weapons with windlash, told to be the greatest halfling warriors up to date.
Depending on history, may have a variety of mechanical gadgets, from robots to dynamite and explosives.

Known Tiation kingdoms: Falarus, Asalajae

High Elf's -
Elves are an extreme rarity within the realm of Maxina, especially after their defeat in the wars and the tragedy of the teleportation of Kalareos to the realm of Farrenla, in which the entire kingdom was destroyed via the malfunction of the spell/ritual. They're not completely hated within Maxina atleast not by anyone but the humans, but they are a very rare and exotic sight, as all of their kingdoms were destroyed during the wars. The last kingdoms harboring them within the continent, Falarus and Zaromaxina.

Beholden Trait: Extremely powerful Mages

Disparity Trait: Human’s spite; Expenses and valuables must be stolen from vendors if hated by them
Unable to traipse within human townships and kingdoms unveiled (Both of these traits are absolutely forfeit when within Arala-Jaelia spanding to Gorreleran)

Known Elven kingdoms: Kalareos, Kathranir

Dwarf's -
Dwarves, similar to the Elves, are exotic within Maxina, the rest of their people residing on the isles of Durnam or living off in Farrenla and Zoida. To say, the Dwarves did have a bastion within Maxina once, but they fled the place after the perceived knowledge o' the lands fall given to them by the molten lord/god Embir.

Disparity Trait: None

Beholden Trait: Revered; Exceptionally revered throughout Maxina and will most likely be able to get along with anyone.

Known Dwarven Kingdoms: Daielok and Dremaro

Ascended -
The Ascended are a pale, malformed, crude race, hiding away within the caves and thick mossy forests of Maxina, Elvish features donning them, with long, pointed ears, fangy, vampire-esque teeth and white, or hollow golden eyes donning their slender, gaunt faces and bodies. Ascended are told to be the offspring of both human and elves, the reason as to why they all live like hermits…; all of their homes were ravaged just like their brethren during the wars.

Disparity Trait: Withered; Extremely weak to physical confrontations involving sword and board

Beholden Trait: God-men; Bear unknown knowledge of the Arcane and Magicka, speak in riddles and tongues. Able to comprehend most spells
Wise-man’s guise: The only race able to be Necromancers and Warlocks without being shunned by people.

Known Ascended Kingdoms: Kathranir and Lalao'thonor

Gelran’s -
Insultingly told to be the offspring of both Goblins and Tiations, Gelran’s behold mostly what I could only consider spanish traits with gaunt facial structures, their culture and life vivid and with color, they have long, floppy ears, lime green to yellow skin, and curved noses. Gelran’s have lived alongside the humans of Arelaine and Tyrisius for generations within the forests of Gorreleran, and as such, the both of them have good connections, not a single major war occurring between the both of them. Although the same cannot be said about their neighbors to the Northeast, Twylen’s and Gelran’s have fought since the beginning, only now, some tribes of the beastial race subsiding their hatred for them.

Disparity trait: None

Beholden trait: Camouflage; within forest-y environments it is difficult to spot a Gelran considering their natural green blend.
Travelled; Know an exceptional amount of herbalism and about the lands surrounding them,

Known Gelran Kingdoms: Amethysia, Coraok and Oladoq

Twylen’s -
A feral race that dwells within the Jungles of Arafaj, known to be spawns of the fae, but still vigilant, questioning mortals. They have animalistic features, a conundrum of ways they may look, they may be furry, they may have feathers, and they may even bear the same scales like lizards. Agile creatures they are, the majority of them having lightning-like reflexes and witty personalities, razor-sharp claws and large ears with cat-like eyes, able to see in the dark. Within Maxina they’ve remained for the most part on their own turf, becoming very territorial of their lands, a peaceful race as long as you are to not disturb them.

Disparity Trait: Natural coating; Vulnerable to fire magic, increased resistance to frost and cold
May be hated if a character does not like the Fae

Beholden Trait: Of the first; Able to pass through the swamps of Hornaiu without alerting the Orcs or the Jogren.
Demon’s anomaly; Repellant and or immune to most curses and spells (Even beneficial cantrips and spells)
Ferocity; Extremely agile, able to scale walls and large manifests easily and make swell warriors even without a weapon

Known Twylen Kingdoms: None!

Lycanthrope/Werebeast -
Considered demons and monsters, Lycanthrope’s are cursed mortals (Mostly Humans) by the witch Ziekiel

Disparity Trait: Hated by the majority of people
Unholy; Weak to holy magick
Natural coating; Vulnerable to fire magick, increased resistance to frost and cold

Beholden Trait: Ferocity; Extremely agile, able to scale walls and large manifests easily and make swell warriors even without a weapon
Whatever beast the Lycanthrope might possess, he too bears their traits

Known Lycan Kingdoms: None!

Nedjaria's description:

Character creation sheet (Copy paste me!):
Personality description:
Brief Biography:
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