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Hurt By Eternity

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Hurt By Eternity

Post by Dreamfarer » Fri Nov 16, 2018 12:48 am

Hello, new member here. Couple of things to know before I introduce my idea.

I've been roleplaying for two years now and think I'm relatively decent at it. I can do one-liners to 3 paragraphs and even if my replies may seem a little too short, I still try to put effort into them and expect the same from others.
I'll roleplay just about fantasy related: Witches, wizards, princesses, vampires, crusniks-you name it! I'm also into romance every now and then, but beware for some cliches, good or bad depending on what you like.
I can reply pretty often, but not all the time thanks to school. Still, I'll be sure to let you know if I can't reply and I hope you'll make sure to let me if you won't be able to reply also. I can do either thread or PM for roleplay, but I prefer PM for OOC That's all I have to say, so here's the idea I have.

1x1 Princess x Wizard. The land of Ioana was a peaceful world will magic was everywhere and witches and wizards lived among normal humans in harmony under one condition: magic users must never kill, whether the intentions are good or bad. Those that break this rule are inflicted with the Bane of Annihilation, a curse that gives the victim never-ending pain and suffering until it gives then a slow death. Very few people received the curse.

Peace in Ioana didn't last long however, when an unknown powerful ruler passed a law that banned magic from the land, meaning that witches and wizards must now be hunted down, captured, and brought to a place called The Arcane Tower to be executed. Years have passed since then and magic is now only a distant memory.
In the highest point of the tower there is a princess who was captured long ago not because she could use magic, but because she was rumored to be immortal; she can die, but she would return to the living by morning. Since she supposedly can't die, the princess was tortured. That is, until she finally escapes. However, this freedom came at a price; during the escape, she stabbed a man attempting to stop her, intending to only slow him down but he later died instead. Since she committed a murder, the princess was cursed.
A young wizard in hiding had been living a life of fear and loneliness for years, worrying that he'd one day be caught. One day during his travels, he comes across the body of a young woman and buries her, thinking nothing of it. However, the next morning he finds the girl wandering around perfectly fine.

I'm fine with either role, but I kinda prefer the princess. If you're interested, please reply.

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