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Looking for MxF GOT roleplays!

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Looking for MxF GOT roleplays!

Post by Neoncherries » Mon Aug 05, 2019 10:57 am


Heya! My name is Mako, and I’m a literate/semi-literate/advanced literate roleplayer. I’ve been roleplaying for over 4 years and I’m currently looking for an MxF Game of Thrones roleplay. I’m only doing CanonxOC for this. I will be roleplaying as my elf girl, Maggie. You must play the dominant role and be a literate roleplayer.

**You must play one of the characters below:**

- Khal Drogo
- Tyrion Lannister
- Jon Snow
- Viserys Targaryen
- Trystane Martell
- Loras Tyrell
- Robb Stark

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Re: Looking for MxF GOT roleplays!

Post by Ghostwriter » Tue Aug 06, 2019 3:52 pm

So I'm not exactly volunteering... but, you say you wanna do only Canon RP in GoT. But you also want to play an elf? Maybe I'm wrong but I don't think GoT has elves in the canon. I know theres non human races, they have dragons, undead, giants, stuff like that. But I don't think there's any mention of elves. Normally I wouldn't care but it strikes me as odd you mention canon but then want to throw in elves. I'm not a hardcore fan or anything, haven't read the book only watched the tv show on HBO. But when I google it I can't seem to find anything about it either. I know there's mention to Valyrians but I'm pretty sure they were humans or Atlantians if you wanted to get specific. I know theres the children of the forest so maybe those are kind of elven with their connection to nature but they're also pale and sorta alien and... I may be wrong, but weren't they killed off or extinct? I know the old 3eyed raven had some guarding him but they all died in the attack and well, I think they're more akin to dryads than elves honestly tho thats just nitpicking.

Anyway it doesn't bother me really. I just find it strange is all so thought I would say something in case you wanted to expand a little more on your idea.

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