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(Interest Check) A Magicl Group of Theives (Forum RP Idea)

Gather ideas and brainstorm with other members, recruit players, make partner requests, or just check for interest in an idea you have. A great place to browse to see what is taking place or build new settings and worlds from scratch.

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Arishok Frieza
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(Interest Check) A Magicl Group of Theives (Forum RP Idea)

Post by Arishok Frieza » Fri Jul 27, 2018 7:15 am

Small disclaimer before posting:

Like with my introduction, I give same statement here:
"...if there was series of advantages that he/she could exploit to win against an OC, was the OC really ever broken?"

Short answer is, no. In-fact the counters are more presented as a major outlier than the strengths, anything broken is a subjective thought-set to have but if you put your mind to it; victory was always evident.


The voracious but bashfully adept... Allure Scion .

Allure Scion is a group of monomaniacal magical users or thieves whose goal is to ensure that all magical items, artifacts, passages, vessels, and people who have died no long sit away on a bookshelf or inside of a museum their goal is to use that power and not let any of it go to waste. At the cost of their own lives if need be.

Allure Scion details are here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/12C7 ... sp=sharing

Where did they come from?

Map of the Krisalis Dimension
https://orig00.deviantart.net/97dc/f/20 ... ci6y1e.png

Note: Red represents the Lava/Magma Region.
Green/Teal/Blue represents Ice/Glacial Region.

World Setting/Time/Where does this mainly take place:

Rundanil Seiche (Which in Gaialexian means "The Earth That Fought On") Ironically, it is heavily influenced by magic but also metahumans and normal human beings inside of a modern setting (think of various supers in fiction in a twist). The "metahumans" and "magic users" are all fighting in the foreground, whilst Allure Scion is taking what they want in the background. Why are they? Why hasn't nobody figured it out yet, or rather; who would attempt to cross paths with them?

Full Map description of Rundanil Seiche:

https://orig00.deviantart.net/99fa/f/20 ... cid1mx.jpg

The current year is 2021.

Peclor in Gaialexian is "North-Southern Americano" . Ran by the Syndicate of Global Super-Teams, or the GST for short. In-charge is a division of supers known as the Klilyu Guard -- a team of twelve supers (from flight, super strength, magic, speed, etc..). Members of note are Warden Ethereal Sparrow, Merciful Beetle and Captain Dragontooth.

Hashaequain Gaialexian is "Europia". Ran by the Twinwell Waterstars Tribunal; a combination of Magi and Metahuman council leaders. In-charge the twin bother and sister: Tammarie and Atanur Waterstars who overseer the Waterstars Library of Research and Cataloguing.

Uugril Boswailes in Gaialexian is "Asian Conglomerate". Ran by the Acts of Intelligence, a government conjoined Japan-Korean-China affiliates. In-charge is Ha Yejun, an ex-mercenary special operations commando. He works with Azai Nai, a United Nations Act of War Adviser.

Anteccia in Gaialexian is "...the Polaris Iceland". A hybrid Yeti/Humane region lead by Barollur Chukavrec an intelligent Yeti whose designed sturdy ice-elemental vessels for transportation means into the varies parts of the world.

Winsasterland in Gaialexian is "...Africani Continent". Phiwokwakhe Faction controls this region of the world and is lead by the Vemvane (Butterfly) or The Butterfly Crusaders. A clan of 40 metahumans.

Minor Regions are as follows: Tritersia in Gaialexian is "...al-Jadeeda" Overseen by the Middle-Eastern Directorate by Fahd al-Yusuf
Since I'm not really a fan of limitations in the cope of what is/should be done, all I ask for is a few things to keep in mind of this RP:
  • 1. Allure Scion Tier 1 is from the main timeline; Rundanil Seiche -- Think about what you can (as a player/character) contribute into stopping them.
  • 2. Allure Scion Tier 2 is from secondary timeline; interaction/conflict with Tier 2 will only happen once the main timeline has been changed significantly (by the actions of your characters).
  • 3. You will be making a trip to Allure Scion's home plane; Krisalis Dimension.

RP Idea
Overall Objective:
  • 1. Goal is to have (your characters) numerous face offs against the Allure Scion, potentially capturing or killing them outright from the course of 3 different pseudo arcs and seeing how they survive or die out over time. Striving to steal as many magical items, enchantments, so on and so forth.
  • 2. I prefer original content characters over fandoms for this as to not ‘restrict’ anyone to one specific thing or another. However, if you have one that is from another fandom do what you can do explain how they “got here”.
  • 3. Please keep in mind, I need AT LEAST 2-4 people willing to do a forum RP of a variety characters; ranging from: hero, border-line anti-hero or even criminally rising entities that have some good and even too good powers.
And lastly; Most arcs will involve tons of intensive violence ranging from beatings, kidnappings, public executions (deaths which will be discussed prior). Beyond this,MAKE SURE to state the following details on your character here:
Current Occupation Only:
Origin/Story Synopsis:
Place of Stay: (Note; you are also allowed to pick any of the locations/factions you which to be apart of based on the Rundanil Seiche map)
Based God Frieza's Belongingz! ✧・゚:*✧・゚:* \(◕ω◕✿)/ *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

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Arishok Frieza
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Re: (Interest Check) A Magicl Group of Theives (Forum RP Idea)

Post by Arishok Frieza » Fri Aug 10, 2018 4:59 pm

Based God Frieza's Belongingz! ✧・゚:*✧・゚:* \(◕ω◕✿)/ *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

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