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WANTED: Dungeons and Dragons Dungeon Master for IM (v.5)

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WANTED: Dungeons and Dragons Dungeon Master for IM (v.5)

Post by Madrigal » Sat Jan 13, 2018 10:40 am

I am looking for someone to share in an adventure...

Good day all. I recently had a conversation with a Skype friend, during which we both griped about the lack of compelling and consistent DnD campaigns in our lives. Between the two of us, we decided to arrange a campaign of our own. Within an hour, we had two others interested in the idea, and another two or three potentials interested in the idea. More than enough to fill our party and begin. However we have yet to find a DM for the campaign.

I am seeking a Dungeon Master for an Edition 5 campaign over Skype or Discord. We are still negotiating on a timeframe to RP, but I am hoping to have either a three hour session Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon, or a three hour session Saturday and two weekday sessions at one hour apiece. While I can DM myself if we can't find a suitable candidate, I am most familiar with 3.5 and have little experience as a DM. We're a fun bunch of people with a love for both serious adventures and character-driven shenanigans. If you're interested, please send me a PM with an introduction, and a link or description of a past game you DM'ed.

I realize posting an interest check here is a bit of a desperate move, but my usual suspects haven't the time to lead a campaign and I'd rather enjoy it as a participant. Thank you for reading my humble advertisement. I hope to hear from you soon.

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