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[IC] The RPC Olympics

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The Final Standings

Post by The Game Master » Mon Sep 03, 2018 7:50 pm

Round 3 Ends

A final, desperate effort from our competitors to snatch victory. I love it when the Collective competes for my amusement glory.

Darkblade continues on at a steady pace, and despite picking up a blight manages an impressively creative solution to Ares' short legs.

Alexander returns to normal running speed (for a birdman), but manages to keep his spirits up with a song and a defensive boon that ensures he won't be under attack any time soon.

Dionysus/Rick embodies his chaotic nature in this round, picking up a blight before swiftly losing it, and then finding his good fortune reversed at the hands of Nay. His impromptu performance leaves everyone thoroughly entertained, and the God of Ritual Madness a little further behind than before.

Ember carries on with the determined speed of a runner who hasn't antagonised any gods lately. She nets a blight, invalidating any boon used against her - thankfully her teammates are less than generous, and the pint-sized lawyer continues on unabated.

Magnan's steady grind-to-a-halt continues, but not before the armoured giant gives his teammates a hand (see what I did there?) in the form of a gargantuan projectile hurled at the front runners

Omega L has a supervillain moment, netting Poseidon's boon and using it to give Mocc something of a shock before continuing on his way with a maniacal cackle.

Scribe continues on at a steady pace, deprived of boons for the duration of the round. Not to be deterred, he does what any normal, rational individual would do in such a situation - electrocutes himself before hitching a ride on a flying chunk of metal via a magnet. It takes all types, doesn't it?

Nay, offered the choice between a speed boost and some revenge against Dionysus/Rick, does what any Collectivite would in the same situation - she shoots the god/mod combo down without hesitation. I love a bit of ruthlessness, don't you?

Lester sets his sights on the finish line, hurling a blight at his teammates with the utter lack of hesitation reserved for those determined to win. He suffers a minor setback in the form of Magnan's shield colliding with him at speed, but in a show of determination he gets back to his feet and resumed the sprint, gigantic metal impediment and all.

The final results!

In reverse order this time.

In 6th place;
It's Darius and Lumeus, out for a stroll together.
In 5th;
Let's give a big hand for Magnan - he certainly needs it.
In 4th;
It's Omega L, who's definitely laughing with and not at Dionysus/Rick
In 3rd;
With a timeshare on wearing the bronze medal, it's Forge/Hades, G/Athena, Nay, Adri and MOQ
In 2nd;
Embodying the word "collective", the silver medal goes to Ember, Alexander, Twist and Ares (minus one Darkblade)
Which means, in 1st place;
It's Scribe and Lester, the last minute advantage and impediment putting the front runners neck-and-neck as they cross the line.
The Final Standings;
1. Lester and Scribe
2. Ember, Alexander, Twist and Ares
3. Forge/Hades, G/Athena, Nay, Adri and MOQ
4. Omega L and Dionysus/Rick
5. Magnan
6. Darius and Lumeus

 ! Message from: The Game Master
And that's it. Thank you all for keeping me entertained taking part, Collectivites. I look forward to seeing how you've done in the rest of the competitions.

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