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[IC] A Journey through Space and Time!

The home of the Collective and its accumulated knowledge regarding the multiverse. The Ark contains profiles of all personas, characters, and worlds known to The Collective as well the records of its history and continuing story.

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Re: [IC] A Journey through Space and Time!

Post by Palacia » Fri Mar 09, 2018 7:52 am

Crim’s entries into atmospheres always made Palacia a touch nervous. It was a strange sensation, he knew that the force and damage sustained in a crash would do little to harm him. Nevertheless he felt traces of stress flux throughout his body. Though it wasn’t long before the ship cleanly made it’s approach to Wales. He clenched his jaw one last time as the ship set down, glad to finally be back on the ground. Flying in atmosphere’s had never been Palacia’s most enjoyable activities.

21st century Earth, Palacia mused for a few moments before digging around his pouch for a few moments before pulling out a black windbreaker. He put it on and tested it’s mobility, before promptly taking it off and shoving it back into his pouch. As always he couldn’t stand restraining clothes.
Rick wrote:
Sat Mar 03, 2018 9:52 am
“It’s…snowing!” Kiri answered excitedly, it was very rare for the group to go anywhere when it was snowing.
The announcement of snow broke Palacia’s thought train and his mind reawakened to the present. “Hmm, what?” he mumbled, haven’t not fully been heard while he’d delved into his mind. He looked out the window and sure enough spotting the snow hazily falling through the air. It was a good snowfall, fluffy with a good cadence. Pretty. His clothes shifted from a pitch black to a light grey.

“ Ha! Dragon hunting on a snowy day, oh what fun this will be!”

“ Yes, yes, now just make sure you keep my fur from singing off. You hear me.” It was Kiri, she pawed up to him carrying a set of familiar straps. She handed them to Palacia, he begrudgingly took them. His last experience with Kiri hadn’t been the safest and the poor cat had been singed by a rather angry fire-spewing creature. It was only a minor burn, really, but she makes it known just how much fur had been singed and makes certain Palf knows it too.

“ It was only a small patch! Look,” Palf points to small area on the cat, “ you can barely see it now!”

“ Yes, but you can see it.” The cat mewed back.

Palf sighed, “Fine, but you gotta keep the commentary down, I don’t care if you spot a mouse, or mice, or rat, or anything. Human’s don’t appreciate speaking cats the way I do.” He grumbled back to the cat. Kiri raised a paw in agreement. Palacia then tied the harness to his body and moved over to Rick, hoping in a rover.

“Want a hit before we offload?” He asked, extending a small bag of Grenwurm.
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Re: [IC] A Journey through Space and Time!

Post by Lumeus » Sun Mar 11, 2018 4:00 pm

Lumeus wondered if this time would be different.

His dealings with dragons were historically sparse and tentative affairs. The elders of their species knew what Lumeus was, and over the millennia it had become an unspoken accord that it was probably for the best if Resonant and Dragons kept their distance from one another, especially after that Chicago incident in 1871.

When they entered earth’s atmosphere he knew they had arrived in the early 21st century. The air was saturated in radio waves, wifi signals, television broadcasts; a constant barrage of streaming information filling the air for anyone to see. He could tell that some of it was meant to be private, but it was just so poorly concealed. If one knew what they were looking at, all the messages being sent back and forth were perfectly readable.

Lumeus glanced out the window, peering past the grey overcast sky, and into the stars beyond. He placed them quickly and noted they were in the earth year 2018 A.D., only a few months in.

The ship descended quickly and Lumeus could see the city below. Cardiff. Last he was there had been in the 1914. So much had changed, but some things were the same.

When the ship landed, Lumeus followed the others out to the vehicles. His clothing rippled like water as he walked, and by the time he left the ship he was wearing a comfortable, stone grey, quarter-zip cashmere sweater over a white undershirt, plaid, dark grey wool trousers, soft leather black boots, a black double-breasted pea coat, a white aran scarf, and a grey driver’s cap that accentuated his now ice blue eyes.

Following Palacia, Lumeus climbed in behind the passenger side seat and settled himself before buckling his seat belt.

“Can we stop at the Cardiff Central Market, please? Fifty-one-point-four-eight-zero-one degrees north by three-point-one-seven-eight-eight degrees west."
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Re: [IC] A Journey through Space and Time!

Post by The_Legion_Ex » Sun Mar 11, 2018 7:02 pm

He silently thought hard about who to summon.... Since the snow is quite a good condition to have an ice-elemental helper and that he must not act suspicious, he decided to call forth Jaervis.

With that as his next move, he silently marched his way to somewhere not far from the ship and hidden from anyone who is not from the ship before pulling out a small circular gadget. He then flipped it open before dialing the Character Assignment Number (CAN) into its input device before tossing it towards the ground which is also hidden from those not from the ship.

The small gizmo landed on the ground and emitted a very faint purple light before opening up into a small portal where his summoned helper emerged, rising up via a pillar of ice that extended under his feet as some sort of elevator. The summon the jumps into action (in a literal sense too.) as he lands near Omega L's location, allowing the ice pillar to shatter itself.

The helper is in the form of a pale-skinned man with spiky blue hair, a grey shirt with rolled up sleeves, some navy blue blazers, decent pants and shoes and a pair of combat gloves. He also wears a red bandanna around his mouth and has a scar that runs vertically though his non-functional left eye.

Details aside, this servant of his silently stood with some sort of enthusiasm and honor for being the first unit at the base to be called. He then hands out the used-up gizmo, that he took during his rise, to Omega L so it can have a chance to recharge.

Omega L then waits for what will happen next before he moves.
The Ex Legion: A squad of underlings under one mind.

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Re: [IC] A Journey through Space and Time!

Post by Trekwars » Tue Mar 13, 2018 3:48 am

With a thunderous crash, a blue portal opens violently in the hanger, just a few feet away from where Rick’s ship had been docked. Out of the portal the slender figure of Isaac stumbles out, clutching a green suitcase in one hand and a pink one in the other. As he stands there he quickly straightens the bright yellow Hawaiian shirt he bought just for this occasion. Not only had Isaac purchased the shirt but to go along with it he had also bought a cheap looking straw hat along with round sunglasses.

As Isaac stands there in his tacky looking outfit he notices that the ship he is supposed to be on isn’t there.

“Huh, must be early..” He says outloud to noone in particular. He sets down his suitcases and decides to sit on the green one, waiting patiently for everyone else to arrive. As he sits he mindlessly fiddles with the metal Watch Claw on his arm, tightening and loosening the grips and flipping through all of the destinations he has been to.

After about 2 minutes of sitting there alone without any sign of other people Isaac decides to walk over to a computer terminal built into the wall of the hanger. Greetings Isaac Hayward , how may I help you today? Responds the computer terminal after Isaac pushed a few buttons.

“Can you show me the current arrival time scheduled for Rick’s ship? I believe it is called the Crimson.”

A few seconds go by while the computer contemplates this idea. The Ship you are looking for left the hanger almost 6 minutes ago, last known destination was Wales, Earth , Have a nice day! . Awestruct by the news that Rick and the rest of the party had left without him, Isaac stands stunded for a minute speechless.

“They Left without me!” He calls into the air. “They actually left without me! I sent the message telling him I wasn’t going to be late! I made sure to send it as fast as I could, and it wasn’t like I meant to be late!” As Isaac rants he starts to pace around the hanger, flipping through all of the destinations in his Watch Claw, finally finding Wales, Earth.

“You know what, I guess I will just meet them there,” He decides, starting to warm up the Watch Claw’s Multiverse traveling mechanics. Suddenly after pressing a series of buttons a brilliant blue portal opens in the middle of the hanger, blowing strong gusts of wind all around. Grabbing his two bags Isaac walks through the portal, determined to meet everyone in Wales.
The first thing he noticed was the snow. As Isaac stepped out of the portal he was welcomed by a cold burst of wind and snow. Shivering while trying to find heat in the thin Hawaiian shirt he decided to wear, he looks around trying to see where Rick’s ship might be. Suddenly a beep from his Watch Claw causes his line of sight to drop to figure out what the beep is about.

In bold red text on the screen of the Watch Claw, an error message appears.

“Ten Miles! Are your serious!?” Isaac cries out into the cold while a few people walk around him, staring at him and his weird choice of clothing. Maybe I can still make it, I doubt they will be to quick in leaving this place, so maybe I can walk the ten miles. He thinks to himself as he starts to look around him, trying to see if he can find anything that may be of use to him.

The only building in the area that could prove any use to him is a small, shady looking bike rental building with a warning sign on the window that reads, “We are not responsible for any pain, injuries, or death caused by our bikes”.

Seeing no other option Isaac begins to walk over the bike rental building, with his two suitcases in tow.
From the East the sight of a humanoid figure pushing a bike can be seen through the snow flurry. As the figure gets closer people would start to notice that the figure is wearing a thin hawaiian shirt that is being blown violently in the wind.

As Isaac gets closer to the range rovers the bike he is pushing with him starts to come more in focus, with pink flower decals and a pretty flower basket on the front. His two suitcases can be seen strapped to the frame of the bike, barely being held up.

Instead of addressing or complaining to anyone about how they left him behind he simply drops the bike into the snow and retrieves his two suitcases, immediately then turning his attention to the second Rover. As he walks towards the second rover he passes by Rick and simply says “I don’t want to talk about it.” Dropping his two bags into the back Isaac pulls himself into the driver's seat and starts up the vehicle, immediately turning on the heat trying to thaw out his frozen bones.
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Re: [IC] A Journey through Space and Time!

Post by Fireynay » Wed Mar 14, 2018 6:40 am

Nay spent the rest of the journey staring out of the window beside her chosen seat, avoiding looking at anyone else. She felt much better as the familiar landscape began to materialise below. Mountain ranges giving way to rolling hills and eventually villages, towns and one of three cities located in South Wales, even though most of it was blanketed in thick snow she could pick out her favourite places.

Her attention was brought to her growing hunger by a series of loud rumbles in her stomach. Luckily these were drowned out by Rick,
“Ahem, now that we have all eaten-“
Nay snorted quietly.
“So, we just landed, uh, Nay has her dragon we are going to go check out hiding away in a “mine” according to her friend who is always right,”
Her ears reddened again and she felt her fists clenching at the sides, before she consciously forced herself to relax. Then the snow was mentioned and a wave of excitement seemed to ripple through the group as they began to make their way to the mentioned Range Rovers. Nay headed in the opposite direction first to grab some cold weather supplies from her room. A thick coat which she hurriedly shrugged on over her dress, a hat and a pair of gloves. She didn't actually feel the cold but was well used to appearing normal in front of humans. She had learnt at a young age that humans tended to treat people with suspicion if they appeared to be over- or under-dressed for any situation, avoiding suspicion had been an early lesson.

Arriving outside not long after everyone else, Nay watched carefully where everyone seemed to be heading and chose the car that didn't contain Rick. After the awkward exchange in the ship, she wasn't in any hurry to be anywhere so confined with him. Quietly sliding into the back, she offered the new arrival a small smile, pretty sure that this was the sandwich guy she had heard about from the halloween event she had missed. She had been raised with better manners than to ask though and simply offered a quiet, "Hello, it's nice to meet you."
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Re: [IC] A Journey through Space and Time!

Post by Rick » Fri Mar 16, 2018 7:09 am

Glasskull, Lumeus, Moccasin, Palacia, Rick

Once Rick was comfortably sitting in the driver’s seat of the Range Rover digitized by Crimson, he accepted Palacia’s offering of grenwurm. The great thing about grenwurm was that one didn’t have to smoke it, Rick enjoyed chewing on it in an effort to keep his mind focused on one thing. Palacia held open a small, wooden box that was carved with intricate designs, picking a small, purple dried flower of grenwurn to masticate on while he waited for everyone else to hop into the car. Rick didn’t like waiting, and being the gracious host that he was, turned to look at the members of the trip slowly trickle out of the dentist office Crimson was cloaking as. Rick honked the horn twice quickly, getting anxious looks from Benjie and Kiri who considered such actions as rude.

“Shotgun!” MOQ sprinted towards the Rover, her exosuit transforming into a bright pink parka. She took on the appearance of a teenage girl, her antennae splitting into thousands of perfect blonde strands and her third eye disappearing into her forehead.

In MOQ’s fervent rush to sit in what she called Shotgun, Palacia clicked his tongue and made his way into the back of the vehicle, sitting in the middle.

Lumeus, who Rick was wary about anytime he was close to the strange being, climbed in after MOQ, asking if they could go to the Cardiff Central Market.

“Uh…I don’t see why not…not that I’m looking for a reason to say no…uh, yeah, let me input it into the GPS,” As Rick looked up the directions to Cardiff Central Market, Trek passed by the window in an impossibly thin Hawaiian shirt, his face, and most of his skin, a light shade of pale blue.

“I don’t want to talk about it,” was all Trek offered, Rick gave him a thumbs up and turned on the radio. MOQ snickered, pulling out a roll of plasmic bubblegum, claiming a juicy piece for herself, before passing it around to the others.

Lester left the ship along with the others, trying to remember if he’d heard anything about Earth. He was certain there was no mention of it in the Library, otherwise he’d have remembered. ‘I haven’t seen snow in a long time’ he thought, watching the petals fall to the ground. Suddenly, he shuddered. ‘I haven’t felt this cold in a long time, either’ he thought as he murmured Horacio’s Warming Wave. Almost immediately he felt the Wave surrounding his body, shielding him from the cold. He approached the rovers and looked at them curiously. “That’s what people use here for transport, huh? Interesting design…” he said, not forwarding the thought to anyone in particular. After a bit of thought, he went into the car Rick, Lumeus, MOQ, and Palacia were already in. After all, one familiar face was better than none, even if that face belonged to a being Lester still had a lot of trouble understanding. As he sat down, his flying tome rested on his knees. “Have any of you been here before?” he asked, trying to start a conversation.

Lumeus nodded. “Yes. I was here over 100 years ago, before this planet’s Great War. Back then this city was one of the world’s most successful exporters of coal. Good for the economy, bad for the environment. Everything was choked in sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide, carbon dioxide, and mercury. The city was very dirty. And toxic.”

Lumeus gazed out the window. “It looks a lot better now.”

Rick was getting impatient just waiting around so he turned on the car, hoping it would put a little pep in the latecomers step.

“I’m from Earth, though not this one, mine was very...mundane, I guess, we definitely didn’t have any dragons in mines,” Rick said sarcastically, he still didn’t believe there was a dragon hiding out in Wales, of all places.

“Personally, I think Earth is pretty interesting. Everything here is so… primitive. It’s like traveling 2000 years into the past.” MOQ offered, smacking her gum contentedly.

A small smile played on Lumeus’ lips at the word “primitive”.

“Primitive?” Rick asked as he fiddled with the heating controls, “Isn’t your planet like, rows and rows of honeycomb towers, MOQ?”

Rick unwrapped the piece of gum MOQ had given him and popped it into his mouth, creating a giant glob of plasmic gum and grenwurm.

“Juicy,” Rick said, turning to MOQ and giving her a big smile with the giant glob spread across his teeth.

Palacia had been chewing his grenwurm for some time now, embracing the drug’s furthering effects with each chew with growing delight. Impressive stuff, truly it was lucky that he and Rick had met the “pilot” Kirble. His mind flitted between arbitrary thoughts before the methodic snowfall entranced his mind. The constant voiceless chatter from within his vessel quieted down, either they were also enthralled by the snowfall or the grenwurm was impressive indeed. Though he’d caught a bit of the conversation, enough to know they were heading to a market of sorts. Although their identity had slipped his mind, completely.

“What an odd bunch we are, a collective of immortals, mortals, some of us may even be coined as gods. Yet here we are going to a market in bloody Wales, whilst hunting for a supposed dragon in a mine. Strange, no?” He paused, suddenly aware he’d entered into the midst of a conversation, “My kind are awfully arrogant about our superiority to other sentient creatures, it’s a refreshing change of peace for so many powerful beings to be open to potentially simplistic endeavors. Though ‘simplicity’ is of course objective.” He let out what could be observed as a nervous laugh, though he wouldn’t strike a person as being the nervous type.

“I don’t even know what a dragon is. I’m just here for the sights, to be honest.” MOQ cocked her head to the side, brushing a few holographic hairs behind her ear. “Lumeus. What exactly do they sell at the market anyways?”

Lumeus’ eyes darted back and forth for a second as he counted. “There are over seventy vendors that sell goods ranging from-“

“You know what? I want it to be a surprise. Don’t tell me anything.” MOQ flashed the storyteller a devilish grin, before turning to Rick, who was rolling his eyes behind his aviators. “What?”

Upon receiving no response, MOQ feigned sadness, before leaning into him, hand laid carelessly on the stick, a childish glint in her eyes. “How’d they let you run this thing anyways? You can barely manage your own ship. They must really trust you.”

Rick, entirely focused on trying to spot MOQ’s third eye in her teenage form, was taken aback by her sudden questioning of his character. That this happened in front of Lumeus, a creature he couldn’t even begin to understand, was enough to make Rick start the car and smash down on the gas….only to have the car jerk forward violently as the tires slipped on the snow.

“Fuck...eh, I mean, these manual cars, grew up driving automatic, hehe,” Rick took his foot off the gas and tried again, his cheeks turning a slight shade of crimson.

“Hey, hey, I was just joking! I’m sorry. I’m sorry.”

“What?! I’m not bothered, MOQ, haha, these are all adults going on a road trip, it would be pathetic if I had to keep an eye on them,” In an attempt to protect his ego, Rick reached for the radio and turned it on, Louie Louie by the Kingsmen played through the speaker system.

Palacia, startled by the sudden jump of the car, frowned. “Okay, children.” He looked at MOQ. “Settle down and let the man drive.”

“I was just about to, trust me.” MOQ sighed, before rolling her eyes. She hated being talked down to. By the second chorus of the road trip song, she had made up her mind to give him the old one-two. In a flash of light, MOQ fazed out of her disguise and put on her regular insect-like visage, staring Palacia down with three lightless eyes. “By the way, I am a century older than you. But if it makes you feel better, you can keep on chewing your space weed and telling me to shut up, but as far as I’m concerned, I am old enough to ignore you.”

Rick laughed out loud, glad the spotlight had been taken off him and placed on Palacia.

“At what age do you have to listen to him?” Lumeus wondered aloud.

At that Kiri let out what was the cat equivalent of laughter, clearly quite pleased with the ongoing conversation. “Yes, yes do tell Palacia, at what age does one have to be to listen to you?” She mewed at the Soulmancer.

“Depends, how old are you, neko?”

“Certainly old enough to ignore you.”

“Well. Jump in line then,” Palacia leaned back further into his seat and popped another grenwurm bud into his mouth.

Lester listened into the conversation at first, but then got absorbed into the view outside the window. It’s been a long time since he’d last left the Library, long enough even for something as mundane as snowfall look fascinating. “Beautiful” he whispered, observing the snowflakes surrounding the car.

“Benjie, take the wheel,” Rick let go of the wheel as Benjie quickly grabbed it with his little paws, trying his best to keep the car on the road as Rick picked a piece of Grenwurm stuck between his teeth. "Alright, it’s early and all I had back on the Ark was a couple drinks, you guys wanna stop to get something to eat? Does anyone know if the local food is any good? From what I remember British food isn’t particularly...interesting.” Rick blew a giant bubble of gum before it popped and covered his mouth in the bright pink substance.

Rick gently moved Benjie’s paws from the wheel and took over, loudly singing along to the Kingsmen’s Louie Louie.

“I vote eat!” Benjie barked out excitedly, shooting his paws up in victory.

“Me too! I want to taste these chips and fish I’ve heard so much about!” Kiri said with wide eyes as she licked her chops.

Rick kept looking at his side mirror, wondering where the hell the other car was, but quickly lost interest when the Cardiff central market came into view and all the glorious food stalls gave him a ‘come hither’ look. He quickly swerved into the parking lot, cutting off a school bus bringing children from a local mute school who could be heard crying out in a strange ‘whaaaa’ sound as the bus braked hard to avoid collision with the Range Rover.

“We are here!” Rick unlocked his door and kicked it open, rushing to get outside and buy some food.

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