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Fun & SCARY games for Halloween!

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Fun & SCARY games for Halloween!

Post by Ghostwriter » Wed Oct 17, 2018 7:35 pm

So after some prodding I put my brain into Halloween mode, seems in theme for a Ghostly game master right? Problem is I guess I'm a bit of a loner unless someone seems to wanna get to know me. So I moooostly know single player games, so here's 10 games I think would be fun for Halloween and a few sentences each describing them. What's that? Top 10s? Pft, no these aren't in any particular order just whatever comes out of my brain first. As a :heart: treat :heart: I'll give a few multiplayer games for you guys who have friends and don't just lurk on the forum tho, don't say I never gave you nuthin!

What's that? You only play games released this same year? Well you're SOL then I guess! :p Don't seem to be too many of those. Oh and if you have any suggestions for fun halloween games lay em on me for others to consider as well.

One of the classics if you ask me, tho its mostly creepy monsters and jump scares. If you're feeling a bit retro, my favorites are RE2 and RE3, but they have a bunch of new ones so give it a look. The story can be a bit scattered and hard to follow (are they zombies or not?) and maybe a little cliche (big bads are never really dead) but its still a really fun time. And hey, some of the newer ones also have co op if you have friends... tho they're not as scarey or good imho. The good news is all the old ones you can easily find for Emulators, so no link for this one. :p

Sort of like RE, these are a series of games instead of a specific game. They deal with puzzles and psychological shit as the game fucks with you and you try not to die. Theres a lot of stuff going on here and its kind of harder to explain than it is to experience, plus it seems not many know of them.

That's right, the new one! Not the first one with the same name. Well, not so new anymore but relatively new. Yea you know, that marine guy with no name that walks into hell with nothing but a pistol? Granted Doom isn't so much a Horror game than it is an action one but it's still in the theme of Halloween.

This game man, I wanna see one of you do a stream of it on Halloween going in fresh. It's going to scare the crap out of you. There's the ambience of being alone in space on a fucked space ship with a monster hunting you, oh also it's Alien. You know, the one from the movies. Goodluck with that.

Speaking of space horrors in space, there's the classic Dead Space! Everything that can go wrong will go wrong, and you're the guy they send to fix it all. It's a little more DOOM than AI but theres this part in DS2 with the eye needle that, ugh, *shivers* just thinking about it...

The first one, not the second one. Haven't played it but havent heard good things about it. Anyway you're another helpless guy trying not to be killed and take pictures of things, because... reasons? No, really, I can't tell you whats going on without spoiling it.

If the above was too complicated, then enjoy parkouring around and killing zombies with ever more powerful home-made weapons. Everything breaks so it helps to have a few backups. Just dont get caught outside at night unprepared because shit gets hardmode real fast. Or go ahead and do that. Its supposed to be scary right? Also has multiplayer option so invite your friends if you're chicken.

Want something a bit heavier on story and relationships and stuff like The Walking Dead? Well, I'm not suggesting TWD, didn't you read the title? Those are just a bunch of walking simulators with a bunch of choices that don't mean much in the end. No this game your decisions matter, and if you get one of your friends killed well he's just dead, leaving you with the choice of starting over or continuing on without him. Oh, and I haven't played the second one, get the first, its cheaper and less buggy from what I've heard. Oh, and you cant play it on Steam yet anyway.

Going to say, I've been playing this one a lot lately. You're just a dad on a plane with his son, then it crashes on an island. You have two main objectives, find Timmy, and SURVIVE. Also theres a bunch of cannibals and flesh monsters that want to kill you. Oh, and you can play with friends if that's your cup of tea. But hey at least its recent unlike the others~

Ok, I admit I havent played this one, I just watched people stream it. But it seems pretty fun so I'm suggesting it. It's where you play as a security guard in a Chucky Cheese full of killer Robots. What could possibly go wrong? Plus you can get all five games for 30 bucks~
Hmm, just remembered another one I really like. Well who said my list had to have 10 games anyway? Im ramping it up to 11!
So this is a bit like Evil Genius if you've ever heard of it, but in this one you play as the Ultimate Evil and you're job is to make a dungeon full of scary monsters to take over the world. No really, you're the bad guy and those pesky "heroes" are trying to break into your evil dungeon and put a stop to you. Who says you always have to play as the good guy anyway?

Ok, now for you multiplayer folks...

This one lets you and 4 friends play together, 4 survivors and 1 killer! Thats right, one of you gets to kill the other 4! Its very skill based, so dont feel too bad if you arent the best right away. The survivors get to run around in 3rd person mode, while the killer is stuck in first person. Meaning the survivors have the advantage of numbers and can see all around them easier while the killer is alone and stuck with a front facing field of view to find them. Don't feel too bad if you get killed, thats sort of the point. Also don't feel too bad if you're the killer and don't kill all the survivors, that gives you more survivors to kill next time!

It's sort of like L4D2 but I still can't bring myself to suggest it to people. Instead try this from a cool developer that cares about its community. :) Its just you and 3 friends versus waves of monsters, the more monsters you kill the more cash you get for bigger guns!

Also similar to but not L4D2, where you and 3 friends can jump into the Warhammer universe and kill hordes of rat themed monsters using magic, swords, bows, and guns! It can get pretty frantic, very much about teamwork than how many you can kill on your own. Oh and don't split the party, unless you wanna die~

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