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State of Decay 2, can anyone explain?

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State of Decay 2, can anyone explain?

Post by Ghostwriter » Sat May 19, 2018 9:54 pm

So I play on PC, I've never used the online store. Apparently the game wont be on steam at release, only via xbox1 and for windows 10 via the microsoft store. How does that work, is it just another program you need to download similar to steam, origins, uplay and the like? Im guessing its super simple since when I went to look around on google for an answer I didn't really get one to my question. Apparently if you buy it on xbox it gets added to your account and you can play it on pc, but no one really explains how or what all that entails. Do I just download it straight from the store and it installs without needing any sort of platform?

Basically Im a little confused, and I dont like spending money when Im confused~ what exactly am I missing? How will this work?

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Re: State of Decay 2, can anyone explain?

Post by Darkblade » Sun May 20, 2018 3:07 am

Microsoft store is basically 'steam' for Microsoft games. Though I've not actually bought anything on it for pc, as for the cross purchase ability that is an unknown to me as I don't think I have any games that qualify for that. Though I know that PC and Xbox versions will have cross play capability. Instructions should be on the Microsoft store.

EDIT 22/05/2018

As I bought it today, and is currently downloading on pc and xbone, I can confirm it is part of the xbox play anywhere gimick. Just make sure to log into the microsoft store with the same account as your xbox live account which is in itself a microsoft account but I know people who keep their console and pc accounts as separate as possible.

The microsoft store is installed on most windows pcs (pre installed on windows 10 can't recall 8 and 7), so shouldn't be hard to find.

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