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Your mission, if you choose to accept it~

A place where all of the artists of The RPG Collective can come to set up shop and flash their wares. You may even find someone who does commissions or signatures.
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Your mission, if you choose to accept it~

Post by Ghostwriter » Mon Feb 25, 2019 2:54 pm

So I had this idea for... a contest? No thats not the right word, Im broke and don't have anything to reward you with. Maybe practice? An exercise? Ideas for a new banner or site art? A chance to show off mad skillz?

Anyway, the idea is "Color and emotion". I'll give some examples, and you can decide what to do with it. It could be of cartoon faces with exaggerated expressions, it could be a collaboration of various backgrounds, it could be a comic, a color wheel, etc. Whatever you want to do, it has to have all ten of the colors.

Red: Anger, passion, or courage.
Orange: Energized, determined, or mirth.
Yellow: Scared, happy, or hopeful.
Green: Jealous, sick, or ambition.
Blue: Confident, sad, or calm.
Purple: Lonely, inspired, or focused.
Pink: Softness, embarrassed, or love.
Grey: Conservative, depression, or balanced.
Black: Mournful, authority, or mysterious.
White: Purity, freedom, or cold.

Let me know if you like the idea or not, and I hope at least a few people try it. :) I know we have some talented artists around here so Im curious to see if anyone wants to flex or not.

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