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Board rules

These rules are disclosed to clarify the various responsibilities of all community members here on RPG Collective. They shall be adhered to by everyone to ensure that our board runs smoothly and provides a fun and productive experience for all of our community members and visitors.

  1. Forum Etiquette

    1. Read the Stickies and Announcements in Each Forum

      Many of your questions have already been answered in the topics that have been "stickied" (which means that they permanently stay at the top of the page) or labeled as “Announcements”. Some stickies provide forum section specific rules, which must be adhered to. Other stickies answer questions that frequently get asked in that forum section. If you post a thread with a similar theme to that of what is contained in a sticky, you'll most likely find your thread locked by moderators. #
    2. Making A Post

      Before posting your thread, make sure that you are familiar with the threads that are allowed in each section. This means you should have read the descriptions, announcements and stickies. Figure out which forum your topic best fits in. By placing your topic in the most appropriate forum you are showing your respect for the community, thus you will receive respectful responses. If you do have questions or aren’t sure where your thread should go - for example, if your thread seems to fit across several different categories - PM the Moderator of that section. Also make sure you stay on topic in whichever thread you post.

      If you do an accidental double post, please message a Moderator and ask for your doubled post to be deleted. If you think of something that you should have added to your own post before posting it, simply go back and edit your post instead of posting a second time. #
    3. Mature RP Content and Inappropriate Posts

      Here at the Collective, we pride ourselves on being home to a community of writers who can be trusted to deal with mature themes in a responsible and considerate manner. Whilst we do not have any explicit rules which forbid such content (including but not limited to non-consent, hate speech, self-harm, etc.) in the event that your roleplay or other written work is found to handle such material in an inappropriate manner, it may be locked or removed completely. Continuing to post similar content without demonstrating an attempt to correct these issues may result in a formal ban. The RPG Collective Staff reserve the right to amend or remove content deemed inappropriate at any time.

      If you see an inappropriate post, please use the report function of the website by clicking on button with an ! in it at the top right hand side of the post. That will allow this report to appear in the Moderators Report Queue and be dealt with quickly. Please ensure you leave a reason with your report. Any posts that are reported simply out of spite, malice, a personal grudge etc. will be ignored and the user who reported them will be warned by Staff. #
    4. Serious Personal Problems

      This is a rarity on our website but occasionally we all hit some dark places and need someone to talk to. Please feel free to talk to someone online that you trust, but please consider seeing a counselor or similar in your area. There is no shame in this.

      If you know someone else on the site is having thoughts of killing (or otherwise harming) yourself or others, or when you or someone else is in danger of physical harm, unable to care for yourself or themselves or suffering from substance abuse, please seek professional help. The RPG Collective cannot, and will not, assume the role of your physician or therapist. If you are in need of help, please contact a Crisis Clinic or a qualified mental health care provider/professional in your town. #
    5. The Off Topic Section

      For those posts that don't seem to have a place anywhere else on the board, we have an Off Topic section. Before posting in the Off Topic section, browse the current posts to ensure that the topic you want to discuss isn't already being talked about. It clutters up the board when we have two separate threads discussing the same thing, so please just do a bit of reading before you post. Within the Off Topic section, please stick to the topic stated in the opening post, and make sure that when you are posting a thread, you're very explicit in the title and what that thread is for. Overly vague threads will be removed, as will attention-seeking threads. You can also find out thread-based Shout Box here. #
    6. Asking Questions

      Your first port of call should be our Forum FAQ thread to see whether or not your question is answered there. If you PM a Moderator or Global Moderator directly, there is a good chance they will direct you there. Your question or comment may have already been discussed, answered, or resolved. If you can’t find the answer to your question, feel free to PM one of our helpful Moderators. If it is a question about a specific section, PM the Moderator of that section directly and they will be able to help you. In the even that they cannot, they will be able to direct your PM to the person who can best help.

      If someone asks a question to which you don't know the answer, don't respond by saying, "I don't know." It's better to not respond or, better still, post the member name of someone who might be able to help, such as a Moderator or Administrator. #
    7. Basic Online Chat/Posting Etiquette for Everyone

      These are some things to bear in mind in your travels across the Internet in general. These kinds of things are easy to forget if you've been active for a long time, but they are each important.

      Image Remember that everyone is important, not just you. You’re not the King or Queen of everything. Be humble, be polite and be kind. We all have our bad days, so if you do get short, snippy or rude with someone, it is encouraged that you take a time out, return when you're a little calmer and send them a PM with an apology. We are all human so remember that people make mistakes and just be kind.
      Image Do not use all capital letters, excessive question marks (????????) or exclamation points (!!!!!!!!!!!!!) in your subject or content. It’s really annoying. Your thread may be deleted or edited.
      Image If you don't have anything nice, relevant or meaningful to say, don't say anything at all. If a person posts hundreds of posts just saying "LOL", "I have a luverly bunch of coconuts" or a few smilies, nobody is going to take that person seriously. Respect comes from post content, not post count.
      Image If someone asks a question to which don't know the answer don't respond by saying, "I don't know." It's better to not respond or, better still, post the member name of someone who might be able to help.
      Image Check your facts! If you're not certain on what you're about to post, Google it and check the facts. No one will listen to you if you keep getting things wrong.
      Image Check your spelling! The best way to avoid being flamed is to ensure that all of your posts are well-written. Taking the time to write coherent sentences and spell out words such as "forget" rather than using lazy slang like "4GET" will earn you more respect in the community. Try typing your posts into a Word document first. If you don’t have Word, ask someone on the site if you can send it to them to edit. Alternatively, some internet browsers come with a spell-check of written content, like FireFox.
      Image If you get confused by a poorly written post, ask for clarification, don't mock the author. Post authors vary in age from 13 to 20+ years old and come from all countries in the world, thus levels of education and ability to speak/type in English differ significantly. Don't discriminate against someone younger than you or someone whose first language isn’t English. The RPG Collective is not here to make people feel good about themselves by putting others beneath them. If you are caught doing this, you will be banned. #
  2. Warnings and Member Bans

    1. Warnings

      As a general rule, you will be warned for any breach of the policies set out in this document. Staff on The RPG Collective do not ban without good reason and hard evidence. You cannot simply PM a Staff member and say, "That person was mean to me, so ban them!" Staff do not engage in personal conflict, nor will they support yours. This applies to banning members too.

      There a several reasons why you may be warned. These include, but are not limited to:

      ImageHarassment or abuse of members or staff, either on The RPG Collective, via PM, email or on our Facebook page
      ImagePosting inappropriate content
      ImageRepeated member complaints against you

      Staff will use their discretion with warnings. If any members' behaviour is agreed by Staff to be too severe to be simply given a warning, that member will be banned immediately. #
    2. Membership Bans

      As previously stated, a breach of the policies in this document will get you a warning or, depending on the severity of the breach, banned from The RPG Collective. When you are banned, you are banned permanently - no excuses or negotiations. If you decide to attempt to return under a new username, we can track that and we will ban you immediately without explanation. Harassing members or Staff via the site, email, Facebook or any other form of communication will not be tolerated. Your information can and will be turned over to the relevant policing body in your location to pursue. #
    3. Cyberbullying

      The RPG Collective has a zero tolerance attitude to cyberbullying.

      Cyberbullying is the use of technology to bully a person or group. Bullying is repeated behaviour by an individual or group with the intent to harm another person or group. In the case of cyberbullying the intended harm may be social, psychological and even, in extreme cases, physical. It can cause shame, guilt, fear, withdrawal, loneliness and depression. Because people are more often online for greater periods of time, it can be hard for them to escape cyberbullying. Nasty messages, videos and gossip can spread fast online and are hard to delete. Sometimes the attackers can be anonymous and hard to stop. These factors make it harder for adults to see and harder to manage.

      Cyberbullying include can include abusive texts and emails, hurtful messages, images or videos, imitating others online (as mockery or in more severe cases, identity theft), the deliberate exclusion of others online and nasty online gossip and chat.

      While RPGC is always open to reasoned and respectful discussion of issues, out and out prejudice or invective-- for example, on the basis of race, gender, sexual orientation, or religion-- is forbidden and will result in a warning in the first instance, with continued violations resulting in more severe action.

      If you are caught partaking in cyberbullying on The RPG Collective, you will be immediately banned without warning or communication. Depending on the severity of the cyberbullying, your details may be passed on to the authorities in your area. #
  3. Roleplaying Rules

    1. Common Role Play Rules

      Whether you have been Roleplaying for years or you just figured out what RPG stands for, these are the basic rules that you should abide by. Make sure that you read the Announcements and Stickies posted in the RP forums, as these contain information specific to that forum.

      Image Do Not God-Mod
      Godmodding is when a character features god-like abilities, such as invincibility or mind control, or other unrealistic powers that don't fit with the lore that the creator of the thread has put forward. It's also considered godmodding to refuse death in fights or ignore role-players in scenarios in which said role-players are attempting to attack you. Nobody's good at everything; try and keep yourself in check.
      Image Do Not Overpower Yourself or Others
      Being "overpowered" is more or less what it sounds like: giving something or someone an unreasonable, unfair, unrealistic, or unbalanced amount of power, especially when it interferes with the ability of players around you to have fun. This can apply in the obvious ways, like having a character who is invincible or can summon the wrath of a zombie army with a flick of his fingers, but it can also be more subtle. For example, a character who is physically average but has skill mastery of over 70% of all main skills with ease can also be overpowered and put a damper on the ability of those around him to create engaging and challenging roleplay scenarios.
      Image Do Not Blend OOC and IC
      The OOC and IC should remain separate at all times. What you learn in the OOC thread should not be applied to your IC posts. This can involve things such as stating that your character heard someone whispering, because you can see the whisper typed up in a post, or knowing a characters name because you read their character profile in the OOC thread. This is the most commonly broken rule of role-play and most infuriating for many. Also, please remember that people are playing a character, therefore it is not the actual user who is saying or doing those things. It would be like holding an actor responsible for slapping another actor while they're filming a scene. Try your hardest to remember that. If you are unsure how someone will react to a potentially negative event, PM them first.
      Image Allow For Reactions
      Give the other plays in your story time to react to something your character has done or said. Don't simply assume that whatever you do or suggested will successfully happen, or will be accepted. Adding "tries to" or "attempts to" to your actions will show others that your character intends to perform this action, but the success depends on the responses of those around them. If you are worried that this will make your post too short, you can elect to do these interactions via PM, or you can add more detail and stretch out your attempt. Remember, the RP world is only limited by your imagination - readers like to engage their olfactory senses as well. Descriptive and figurative language is your friend.
      Image Only Play Your Own Character
      You should never ever control someones' character without their express permission. Not only is this not fair to the other player, but it's also discouraged because often players will misconstrue the behaviors and personalities of characters they didn't design. This is also known as powerplaying. Make sure that you don't assume another characters reaction either, as this also constitutes as powerplaying, even if it is an interaction that you have had with them before, i.e. a kiss, hug or handshake etc.
      Image Give Your Characters Depth
      A character who’s too perfect, lacking realistic or logical flaws, or whose flaws do not affect them in real ways is very irritating to play alongside. Characters without flaws, quirks or limits very rarely are interesting and seem flat and not fully developed. Even heroes have their flaws. Don't be afraid to make your characters vulnerable, quirky and limited. This allows for much more interesting interactions and room for character development and growth.

      If you're ever confused by anything within a roleplay, PM the creator, or a Staff member. Always keep in mind that the purpose of role-playing online is to have fun.

      Image #
  4. Staff Rules and Responsibilities

    1. Staff Rules and Responsibilities

      Our Staff are chosen based on a variety of criteria, including their behavior across the forum over a period of time and writing experience. However, even our Staff must adhere to the Rules and Regulations of The RPG Collective. In addition to these, the Staff have a few extra rules they must abide by.

      Image Staff shall endeavor to create a positive community
      Image Staff shall not demean, harass, or threaten other members
      Image Staff shall take the questions and problems of members seriously
      Image Staff shall not exert their power over another member unless they are enforcing The RPG Collective’ guidelines
      Image Staff shall strive to be impartial
      Image Content guidelines are to be applied equally to every forum
      Image Friendships with fellow members never justify inaction when action is required
      Image Staff shall discourage the false notion that a member can get away with what they please so long as they are well liked by a Staff

      The RPG Collective makes a strong effort to take all possible steps towards protecting people from harm, emotional or otherwise. The guidelines in this document act as a framework for The RPG Collective’s Staff to operate from, but our moderators retain the right to act in their best judgment, even if their actions do not fall neatly within the scope of the guidelines. #
    2. Duties of The RPG Collective Staff

      A moderator acts as a filter, firefighter, facilitator, administrator, editor, promoter, expert, helper, participant, and a marketer depending on the time, subject, and situation. Key activities include, but are not limited to:

      Image Answer questions
      Image Keep forums and content organized
      Image Review misconduct reports
      Image Review member generated requests
      Image Suggest and vote to ban unruly members
      Image Discipline members where required and in accordance to the Rules and Regulations of The RPG Collectives
      Image Protect forums from spamming, trolls, and advertising
      Image Support The RPG Collective’ acceptable content policies
      Image Serve as examples by being outstanding community members
      Image Ensure they are actively engaged in their specific section
      Image Supporting the other Staff #